Sometimes when you buy an iPhone which is previously own by someone or you got a lost phone and want to find out its owner’s details this technique will help you. Basically, the main aim of iCloud activation lock feature is to protect the device from being used by unauthorized people other than the owner of the device.

When a phone is lost owners can find it out using an app called ’Find My Phone’ by entering Apple user Id and password. If somebody buys a second-hand phone from anywhere and got trouble with iCloud activation, then the only available option is to bypass iCloud Activation. These tips are only for genuine users. when somebody want to hack an iPhone by bypassing iCloud activation then you will get in trouble. It is called hacking and you have to face legal problems if found out.

Bypass iCloud Activation
Bypass iCloud Activation

If you got an iPhone and want to return it to the owner by knowing his information from Cloud you can try the tips below. While hacking a device make sure not to repeat wrong type of hacking. After so many unsuccessful attempts the device will reset everything, and you will lose all phone data as a result. Check out some effective iCloud activation bypass techniques for your iPhone. You can also download & install vShare for iOS or iPhone.

How To Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone – iCloud Unlocked

Method 1-: DNS method

When the phone asks to activate iCloud, you can press the home button and select Wi-Fi settings from it. There you can see an i’ button. Tap on it and now you need to change the DNS server and replace it with a new one. There are some preset DNS value and you can look the one suitable for your geographical location and enter it. This is one of the simple and easy method to follow. Check out the DNS value for each area

Change DNS - Bypass iCloud Lock
Change DNS – Bypass iCloud Lock

USA/North America-



Another areas-

  • Enter the DNS value corresponding to your area
  • Tap on Back button
  • Then on Done and you can see an option called Activation Help there. Tap on it
  • Now you can see a message that says you have successfully connected to my server
  • Now you can tap on ‘Menu’ option
  • There you can see a lot of applications like YouTube, Gmail, maps etc
  • Tap on any of the app and see whether you can find any information related to user.

This is a temporary deactivation method you can do. This can help you to retrieve all phone data without losing. You can see this to find the owner details of the phone or activate a second-hand phone you bought for yourself.

Method 2-: Online Activation

This is a risk-free method to activate your iCloud account. There are many professional out there who specializes in this niche. You can contact them online and pay for what they do.

  • You can go to the Online iPhone Unlock site. There you can see an option iCloud unlock
  • There is a new window you need to enter all the details of the phone like its model number, IMEI code etc.
  • They will charge you an amount to complete this task.
  • Pay for it and wait 3 days. You will get a message from them saying that your Cloud got unlocked successfully.

You don’t need to get tensed about doing this when there are facilities to do it easily.

Method 3-: Using the unlocking tool

There are many iClouds unlocking tools you can use to bypass iCloud activation. There are tools like iCloud Bypass tool, open my iCloud easy unlock tool, Double iCloud Unlocking tool and many more. Here I am going to explain bypassing using ‘iCloud activation bypass tool version 1.4’. You need a computer to bypass your iPhone. This tool is really easy to use. You can follow the steps as given below

  • Download the app and install it on your desktop
  • Now you can open the app and connect the iPhone or iPad using USB
  • This tool will scan your device and find out the IMEI number of your iPhone
  • Now there are 3 options for you to select. From this, you need o select ‘Bypass Activation Lock’. Now it will start the process and it will take some time to complete. The tool connects with Apple server related to your IMEI code and it will delete all your iCloud account details of your device
  • After completing the process, you need to disconnect your phone and restart it again. Now you can see that every detail with the previous account got removed and now you need to use it as a new phone. Create your own iCloud account and use it.

Method 4-: Permanent deactivation of the iCloud account

  • You need to go to Menu and choose Applications from it. From the given option choose Crash options
  • Now you need to reboot your device
  • After restarting you can choose Language and country and press on Home button. There you need to select More Wi-Fi settings
  • Now you need to tap in ‘i’ button next to Wi-Fi network. In the Settings page you can choose Menu and from it tap on HTTP Proxy section
  • Clear the address given. Then tap on Port field and enter 15-30 random characters and enter the alphabet ‘b’. Now tap on the Back option and then on Next
  • Then you can see the unlock and language screen options. You can swipe to unlock the phone and add language and country options.

Now you successfully bypassed iCloud activation. When you start your phone, there will be some apps already like Facetime, Newsstand, Phone calls etc.

Final words

Make sure not to use these tricks for hacking a stolen phone. You can use it for good things like finding an owner for the real owner. iPhone is very difficult to hack but hackers are finding new ways to get access into it. When you get a phone don’t deactivate it by trying with wrong credentials. This can damage your device permanently. Try to use the above tips and get access to your iCloud account without causing any permanent damage.